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DC Fawcett Is A Reputed Real Estate Trainer Cum Broker

Elite individuals who are planning to invest heavily in real estate business should consult DC Fawcett before taking the next course of action. This gentleman who believes in hard work and dedication has successfully trained hundreds of real estate executives through his webinars, seminars and classroom sessions. DC strongly believes that one can excel in real estate business when he adapts himself to changing business methodologies.
He spends very little time in real estate business and dedicates most of his time with family members. Students who enroll in his webinars and other training sessions will learnvirtual wholesaling, rehabbing, flipping of homes and reselling. DC Fawcett Real Estate business is in the headlines for positive reasons and visitors will get an insight about this intellectual trainer when they explore his blogs and articles that are shown on his official website. He advises agents who are new to real estate business not to spend lavishly on flipping homes and requests them to attend his program.
DC Fawcett has written hundreds of interesting articles and blogs about trending real estate business in DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate Investing clubwebsite. Hi taught provoking blogs are very popular among real estate executives and other interested members. Investors who are planning to invest their money in luxury properties should decide to meet this seller who will show world class properties which are reasonably priced. Real estate executives who are making payments on houses can stop these activities and learn interesting concepts of virtual real estate business through him.

DC FAWCETT is a versatile professional who has many feathers on his caps

DC Fawcett loves reading, travelling, water sports and adventures activities and spares few days on these types of extracurricular activities. This extrovert person loves public speech, conferences, webinars and seminars and trainings.  He has created fully automated virtual real estate business and successfully closes plenty of real estate deal through virtual short sales. Students will get fullest information about virtual short sales and foreclosure investing.
Self-employed youths, freelancers, sales executives and others who are planning to become real estate brokers or agents should decide to sit in his professional training programs. They will understand about virtual cheat sheets which he has created for the benefit of new sellers. Students will also understand the concepts of systemizing their business through outsourcing and team building. He has impressive track record and one can unfold the mysteries of rehabbing, wholesaling and flipping homes when they attend one of his time-tested training programs. Visitors can register in his websites and download his virtual rehabbing cheat immediately.
He loves digital, internet and social marketing and uses these channels wonderfully for marketing his properties. DC is famous in various social channels and connects with affluent real estate barons and others as well.  People who attend his programs will manage their time, money and materials wonderfully. He loves team spirit, team building and builds long lasting relationship with students and others. He likes his wife and also loves his two children from his heart.

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DC Fawcett Real Estate – Learn Flipping Houses And Home Selling Through Virtual Case Sheets

Cautious investors would love to invest their hard earned money in only safe investments havens like fixed deposit, savings account, jewelries and insurance. People who love taking risks will invest their money in shares, debentures, currencies and crypto currencies.DC Fawcett Real Estate

Majority of the investors think that investing money in real estate is risky and stay away from these types of investments. DC Fawcett who is effortlessly managing hundreds of luxurious plots and properties says that this is the right time to invest money in real estates since he feels that real estate properties is seeing upward trend.

Men and women who are new to real estate business and planning to flip houses should endeavor to explore DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate Investing club website and click his latest blogs which states that investing in real estate is better than buying bonds.

There are wonderful blogs like these ones in this website and visitors can get an insight about his teachings and academy. DC Fawcett Virtual Wholesalingis popular and individuals who are new to real estate investment will get best information that are related to flipping houses, buy and selling of plots and properties.

Visitors who are venturing into real estate business will understand the complexities and challenges that are involved in flipping homes and wholesale buying when they explore DC Fawcett Reviews. As a grown-up and experienced real estate broker DC Fawcett will guide and support the professionals who are new to real estate business and direct them to the path of prosperity.

Real estate investors should get ready to take risks

Like shares and commodity trade even real estate business is also a risky trade since the market has always remained volatile. But this guy requests new members to take risk in order to see success in the long run. Each and every business has its own pros and cons and this business also have these components.

Visitors should endeavor to learn the present trends in real estate business and negotiate a deal with the property sellers. Flipping homes is nothing but buying repaired or damaged buildings at lowest prices, remodeling them with fresh piece of furniture and interior items, repairing the damaged items and selling these properties to the new owners at best prices.

Home buyers should be careful while selecting the seller since there are scammers and criminals who are acting in the society like reputed home sellers. They should endeavor to do background verification checks before engaging their services. DC is a trusted and reliable real estate executive who will show best apartments, condos, luxurious villas and other homes to his clients and motivate them to buy one of the best properties.

DC states that real estate executives who are planning to flip the homes should buy an old property and engage the services of the contractors for refurbishing homes and sell the renovated properties to the new customers. If they follow these steps they can save maximum time and money. There are these types of useful tricks, tips and info that are stored his blogs which are worth exploring.


DC Fawcett, a real estate professional has started virtual real estate investing club so that investors can get an idea about it. Entrepreneurs who are interested in real estate can make use of these blogs which will also help you out to stay scam free. The aspiring entrepreneurs can make use of DC Fawcett virtual wholesaling methods as it involves no risk and cash.

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DC Fawcett Reviews – 5 Best ways to avoid being denied your mortgage

Mortgage is the only option for many property buyers in real estate market to purchase their desired homes or other properties. You have found your dream home for which you have been waiting for long years with all the money you saved for your life time investment – DC Fawcett Reviews
But if the house has lot of amenities than you expect then it will be costly. Many buyers often contact the listing agent with the intention of purchasing a home but later on come to know that they need more money to buy the property. The only option to proceed on with the purchase is to apply for mortgage with the lending companies.
No worries! Many home buyers are in a same situation as they can’t be able to buy a house with full cash in hand. At such instances they apply for a mortgage loan with lending companies.

Denial of mortgage application

DC Fawcett complaints that mortgage loan denial is the most common problem faced by the buyers! Due to many reasons their application gets rejected by the mortgage companies. According to mortgage banker association every year about one third of the applications are turned down by the lending companies.
How to buy the home then? Relax! Got rejected for the first time! Try again! Here is the list of reasons and their remedies on how to face the mortgage loan denial.

Check whether the property’s appraisal is sufficient for the loan amount!

As per DC Fawcett reviews, many mortgage denials are due to insufficient appraisal of the property. But do not back off if one lender disagrees with your property appraisal. Always consult 2 or 3 lenders before applying for a loan and make sure that the appraisal is sufficient.
Depending upon the companies the appraisal rate varies slightly. You can ask for the review of appraisal with the same lender but it may not result in higher value. Instead you can approach another lender who valuates the property for higher appraisal value. Many a times, the loan gets approved with the second or third lender immediately.

DC Fawcett reviews on source of income

Down payment is necessary for mortgage loans. It is mandatory to pay up to 20% of buying price as the down payment. You have to show the record of consistent source of income in your bank account to lender. You have to be a potential earner and well employed to avail mortgage from the lender.
DC Fawcett complaints that credit issue is another major problem which delays or causes the entire rejection of mortgage loan approval. If your credit standing score is incredibly low then take necessary action to improve it. For example, you can pay your debts on credit cards if you have any and increase the points to certain level. It would take maximum of 2 or 3 months for this score to get impact on your mortgage loan approval.

Approach the small lender at desperate situation

Feeling low that everyone has rejected the loan application? Mortgage denied due to self employment? No worries! Instead of approaching the leading banks, switch over to community banks or small lender who will help you. Some community banks are flexible so that they can help you with the mortgage loan approval even if you are self employed.

Monday, 12 March 2018

DC Fawcett Reviews – Get started with real estate rehab deal now!

“For a beginner who wants to invest in real estate, rehabbing houses can be a challenging task! Buying a property, rehabbing it by spending your time, work and money and reselling it for full market value can be a long and tedious process. Rehabbing is not so easy task but with little experience and money it can act as a great investment option”. DC Fawcett Reviews
Many realtors who have thorough knowledge on real estate business have turned into rehabber, since it is one of the most lucrative jobs. Learn it for few years and you can have more profit than other investment methods.

Things every investor should know before investing in real estate rehab process!

Location is a very important criterion which has to be analyzed before buying the rehab property. Many realtors often concentrate more on purchasing the property in good location to sell it faster. You can easily identify such location by looking at their prices. If you are not interested in buying a property for higher prices, find properties which are developing rapidly. Such properties will be affordable and also attracts more prospective buyers. Rehabbing and selling such houses can earn you great money quickly!

DC Fawcett reviews on how should I buy the house?

Once the location is decided, make sure you buy the house which has a sound structure. If you are going to buy a house which is not in good structure, then it is going to charge you more. It takes lot of repairs and renovation and empties your pocket easily. While searching the house for rehabbing, you can hire an appraiser who can clearly estimate the cost of home and the renovations needed.
Do not start rehabbing the house until and unless the budget and plan is ready for the job. DC Fawcett complaints that many investors have regretted their decision to buy the house which drains out their money easily. Rehabbing process requires lot of money and you need to have a sufficient capital for that.

Purpose of rehabbing the home

House rehabbing is done for 3 major purposes, which are, personal, rental and flip. Some buyers may purchase a house at a lower market value to rehab it for their personal usage. Its up to the buyers decision to renovate the house with more facilities. The more extensive the job is, the more money it will cost you. But there will be no time restrictions and work pressure while rehabbing the house for personal use
If you are rehabbing the house to rent, then avoid lavish renovations and do what is necessary for the home. You have to do the basic repair and renovations like fixing the faucets, door knobs and painting the roof etc. For flipping the homes, it depends upon your budget and the target buyers.

DC Fawcett complaints on hiring a inefficient contractor

Hiring a contractor to fix up and renovate the house can be extremely time consuming if you have a very short deadline. Do not hire one without analyzing his past work since there are many fraudsters. Refer to the well known real estate agents in the city and the hire an experienced one. Instead of paying the individual workers, you can hire contractor who can take care of all the repair works.
Check whether they have adequate time on their schedule to complete your project since many contractor are always busy with their jobs. You cannot make your house sit in the market for so long and sell it faster.

Bottom Line

Rehabbing is not task that can be handled by a single person, so it requires the perfect team work and you are the one who is going to lead the team. Time consumption, unnecessary expense avoidance and speeding up the work are really important when it comes to rehabbing the house. Marketing the rehabbed house is equally important to fine rehabbing and doing it right will sell the house faster.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

DC Fawcett Reviews On Things Every Buyer Should Know

DC Fawcett reviews on the step by step process of house buying,

  • Search for reliable real estate property listing and make note of the properties which you feel worth of buying. Sometimes there might be changes in the selling prices, keep track of those and also watch for number of days the house sits on market
  • You can hire a realtor who can ease the process of your home search, they have a large database of available real estate properties in local market and can offer you number of details easily
  • While searching for your ideal home, make sure that it comes under your affordability. DC Fawcett complaints on many buyers who gone beyond their buying price and ended up with foreclosure
  • If you have to go for mortgage then submit the details to the lender or banker and they can tell you whether you are qualified for mortgage loan
  • You can even apply for a home loans from banks which offers lower interest percentage
  • Once your research is completed, start walking through many homes until you find the ideal one which satisfies you both financially and emotionally

Watch your neighborhood!

This may seem to be inessential but it is really important to know about your neighbors and environment before buying your home. Your home is where you are going to live your rest of your life, hence spend some time to find a desirable neighborhood. The good place with calm and serene environment can change your way of living. If possible search for the records of crime rates of the place as DC Fawcett complaints that many locations have higher crime records than average.

Inspect the house before purchase!

Do you really want to hire a home inspector to your house before purchase? Yes! You might have carefully walked through the home and checked it thoroughly, but there are some flaws which cannot be identified by us. For example, if the house is structurally damaged it can be easily identified by the good home inspector. If you are buying the rehabbed and flipped house, then you have to hire a experienced inspector who can check whether the house has been rehabbed properly.

DC Fawcett reviews on appreciation value of your home!

You cannot predict the future of the real estate market, but you can keep update of current market trends and find the appreciation value of your home. Before buying the home, find the comparable homes in your neighborhood and know their prices. This can help you to find the appreciation value of the property.

Be extra cautious while doing the paper works!

You may have to go through lot of paper works while buying home! If you have hired a realtor then he will take care of everything. If you are buying on your own then you have to take care of all the works. Verify the title insurance and other details about the seller and make sure that he owns the house in a proper way.
While closing on the deal you have to sign all the documents, after the thorough analysis of all the papers, give your check to the seller. All set to move into your new house!


DC Fawcett is a real estate entrepreneur come trainer, helping all real estate fervents to achieve their goals by means of his seminar and camps. In addition, he also teaches how to develop a real estate business and produce different income streams.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate Investing club – scam avoiding techniques

Real estate properties like house, rentals and vacant land are very expensive purchase of your lifetime. At the same time, this industry has lot of scammers who prey on new investor and create lot of scams. No matter who you are, buyer, seller or investor, there are many scams involved and you may get deceived easily if you are not aware of those. Here is the list of DC Fawcett scam avoiding techniques which creates a great awareness and shows the easy way to avoid it.DC Fawcett Real Estate

DC Fawcett complaints on online fraudulent real estate scams

One of the prevalent and most exposed scam in real estate is online money exchange scam where the hacker poses to be the seller and may deceive you. Consider that you are buying a real estate property from the popular agent and you are about to close on the deal. The hacker who intrudes into the agent’s account may come to know that you are closing on the deal and willing to transact the money. He may send some misleading emails and divert your transaction to his account easily. Such frauds are not easily traceable since they happen online and your money may never be returned.

Duplicate multiple listing websites

DC Fawcett reviews states that multiple listing sites are the major sources of property database which helps many sellers and buyers. The scammers might copy the deals from popular real estate listing websites and paste them in their sites. They may offer incredibly low prices for the properties at their sites. Many investors might follow these sites and gets attracted towards the prices. After wiring the money, they might not get proper response from the sellers for long time.
You can prevent such scams and have a verbal conversation with the seller always. Do not respond to email fund transfer request and insist on seeing the person first. If you hear any excuse like the owner of the property is abroad and he may not available, then do not proceed with the deal.

Bottom line

If you think that you cannot be cheated with real estate transaction then you are wrong. Be precautious even if you are working with honest people since you are investing huge money. DC Fawcett reviews states that if you have come across the great deal, do not hurry, check whether the deal is from an authenticated person. If you are searching a property for renting, then ask the owner or realtor to walk you through the house. Question each and every thing you want to know from them.
DC Fawcett complaints that sellers can easily hide the flaws in the property and sell them to you. Hire an experienced realtor and inspect the home before purchase. They can easily identify the defects and calculate the expense for repairs and renovations.
Another common scam is applying for loan application with fake documents. This scam is often done by none other than the buyer. Sometimes the buyer may have shortage of funds for transaction and apply for loan. The loan denial is a often seen scenario in real estate since the buyer may not have a good credit score. At such instance the loan officer and realtors may urge the buyer to create fake documents or lie for loan application approval. But later on the scam gets uncovered by the sellers or bankers and it may lead to a big problem.

Monday, 26 February 2018

DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate Investing club – Explain How To Evict A Tenant

You might have bought a house, rehabbed and after a lot of struggle found a suitable tenant to accommodate it.
Depending highly on the monthly rental cash flow income to pay your mortgage payments?
What if your tenant might not be good enough and delay the rent payment for months. What should you do? Even if you have a good relationship with your tenant, that doesn’t mean that you have to stay calm when he doesn’t pay.

There are so many potential renters out there who can pay you consistently. So you need to evict them without any delay!
DC Fawcett reviews state that it might seem to be so rude but remember that renting a property is just like other business. You can notify them about the issue first, if the problem seem to persist then tell them to vacate immediately. Sometimes it will be a smooth process as the tenant will move out easily but if they are not ready to move out then you may have to go through the formal process of eviction.
Before evicting the renter you have to aware of the norms and procedures to evict them. This may vary according to the rules of state, county and country.

Purpose Of Eviction

According to DC Fawcett complaints, the problem actually starts when your tenant does not or delays the rental payment. Being a landlord it gives you a tough time when there is a delay in rent payment. Some house owners might have to pay their mortgage payments hence they need the monthly cash flow income. At such instances, you can evict the tenants by issuing the notice to them. Other reasons for evicting the tenants might include, holdover where a tenant stays on the property after completing the lease duration time. Some tenants might cause heavy damage to the property and you can legally fight for the cause and evict them. Agreement violations are also a major cause for evicting the tenants.
If your tenant disagrees to vacate the property then you have to go through the formal process of eviction. First and foremost you have to notify the tenant to vacate which is really important. If you fail to do so, then you may lose the case against them in court proceedings.

DC Fawcett reviews: Uniform residential landlord and tenant act (URLTA)

You have to study this URLTA act which explains the legal process of evicting the tenants. Many states have this law in practice and abide by its rules and regulations.
At any cost, do not act on your own! It is illegal to evict a tenant on your own and this might turn against you when you file a case against them. Removing a tenant’s property or locking a property when your tenant is out is not a recommendable act.
If you can’t able to handle the tough, rude tenant and approaching the court for eviction, then remember these rule and follow them strictly. DC Fawcett complaints on some home owners who do not obey the law and have done some self help methods for eviction, then the judge may easily drop the case. Wait patiently after issuing the notice to the tenants, sometimes they may favor you by breaking the rules in agreement. If they have damaged the property after issuing the notice then make sure you point it out in court


DC Fawcett, the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, is an experienced person in the real estate field. He has been into the process of rehabbing houses, wholesales etc.