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Thursday 5 January 2017

Dc Fawcett Best Guidelines For Luxury Real Estate Buyers

Dc Fawcett Best Guidelines For Luxury Real Estate Buyers


Luxury real estate homes can be harder to sell than a normal home. Getting the right realtor and catching up on market trends will be really challenging. But, more than these, proving that you are a legal buyer will be like going through a big trial. Dc Fawcett shares tips on hitting on a hot luxury real estate deal in his blog – VREIC.

Keep your research perfect

Deep research is the first step towards procuring any hot real estate deal. The same goes for luxury real estate as well. Browse the web to learn about online marketing trends and determine what you want and what you don’t want. Then proceed with the real estate deal. Most realtors get their business through the web only.

Loan process

Finish off the steps in the loan obtaining process prior to seeing the home. This is because
  •  The mortgage process for a luxury home is much more elaborate than for a normal home.
  •  Sellers insist on showing the home only to qualified buyers
This is why realtors insist you to obtain prior loan approval

Home inspection is very crucial

Of course, it is most vital for any real estate deal. But in the case of luxury homes, it is utmost crucial. Luxury homes have more complicated amenities
  1.   Swimming pools
  2.   Centralized vacuuming systems
  3.   Fountain and ponds
  4.   Spas
  5.   Interior and exterior fireplaces
  6.   Complicated security systems
  7.   Landscape lightingAnd so on.

Don’t go by photos

Pictures don’t essentially paint a true sketch of homes. They should be seen in person. So go and explore the various rooms of the prospective home in leisure. Take an expert real estate agent along with you for guidance on various aspects regarding the luxury home.

Part with details

Sellers want to feel secure as the deal here is big. They will ask for details like what you do for a living, down payment and your loan approval statement from the concerned bank. This way they are ensuring that you are a legitimate buyer and are well equipped to buy their home.

Hunt for a good realtor

It is better to go for a local real estate expert. He must know the area that you are going to buy in. He must possess sound knowledge about the neighborhood, like demographics, crime rates, developmental activities, market prices and so on. Test his knowledge before hiring. It had better be good since the target here is enormous.

Ensure that natural light comes in

You don’t want to be stuck up with a dark mansion as they sometimes show in the scary movies, do you? Then make sure that plenty of natural light flows in before you proceed with the buy. This may seem really trivial but is of utmost importance. Natural light promotes good health and a sound mind.


Dc Fawcett, a real estate mentor and speaker gives some amazing suggestions for luxury home buyers. Buyers are surely at an advantage if they follow these. Some people have written various complaints on Dc Fawcett in some blogs. All these are just scandals and must be disregarded entirely.


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